Rose, of course!
Las Cafourques
VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Welcome to Las Cafourques

Situated in the Lot-et-Garonne, close to the attractions of the Dordogne region. 

At Las Cafourques we offer a relaxing, peaceful stay in our Prune Room. Las Cafourques is situated in the commune of Segalas, near to Lauzun. our closest small town. We are in the heart of the countryside with local farming being mainly sunflowers, maize and plum orchards. The plums are grown for drying into prunes and also for jam making. Agen prunes are a local speciality and especially delicious when coated in chocolate! Other local specialities include duck confit and a beautiful sweet, white, dessert wine called Monbazillac.

Las Cafourques is just a short walk from the stunning Lac des Graoussettes, a little known reservoir that is used by the neighbouring farmers for irrigation.  The lake and shores change throughout the season from beautiful pink pyramid orchids in the springtime, to the crisp, clear reflections of the summer. Autumn sees the changing colours of the oak trees and winter brings views through the leafless woodland not normally seen.